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Property Restoration

Our remaining family is making every effort to restore the property on High Ridge.  Due to subsequent bouts of cancer first consuming my mother Marilyn and now just 5 short years later my father Brian, family support and fighting cancer has been simply been our sole focus.  Unfortunately the building on High Ridge Ave has not gotten the attention it needs over the years.  Consider its historical, generational family and 70 year of service in the community we feel it is important to keep its legacy alive.

If anyone is curious about the project, please feel free to reach out.  Its an old and thus a  complex project.  So, we are looking for anything from simple encouragement, advice from experienced developers, those experienced in Real Estate or simply anyone willing to help in any way.

If you haven't read about the family history, I suggest heading over and clicking on it.  This building has not only been home to generations of families, the good will of Frances Strouse made it possible for many hard working immigrant families to successfully migrate to the United States.  Even to this day our family honors France Strouse's tradition always trying to go the extra mile to support our tenants when they face unexpected challenges and need our support to get on their feet.

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