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CONTACT US - Or should I say me?  

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Frances Cleaners

Phone: (203) 244-8393

145 High Ridge Ave

Ridgefield, CT.


I'm Scott, Marilyn and Brian's youngest, which also obviously makes me Frances's grandson.  That's actually me over there on the left.

I remember running around the store as a child, and when I was older I would stop by occasionally on Saturdays.  I will never forget the feeling at that little front counter; it was sincere, authentic and happy.  At home my parents would light up when they'd share stories of the people they met at the shop on any given day.  You meant so much to my family!


Even if you don't know me, I sincerely want to hear your experiences, stories, share a laugh, a tear or maybe both.  Please help me preserve their spirit!

Thanks for submitting!

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