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Remembering Brian Maltas

(4/12/43 - 6/4/2020)

Memorial services are postponed due to the current health crisis.  When the time is appropriate services will be held in Ridgefield.

For more information please contact us via this website, facebook, Jowdy-Kane Funeral Home or check back here.  An announcement of services will also be made in the local newspapers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us! 


We would love to hear your stories about Brian or even any photos to the page. 


Also don't hesitate to utilize us to connect with each other!


We know Brian would also want our former patrons, his friends to use this as an opportunity to connect to each other.  Many friendships were formed over 70+ years in business in that front office. 

He especially looked forward to Saturdays because "the steam was off" giving him extra time to socialize!

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Remebering Brian

A reflection and remembrance of Brian's life.

Mom Dad Fran & Arthur St Mary's.jpg

Town & Family History

A photo history of Frances Cleaners, Family & Ridgefield going back to 1921!

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Memorial Services

Updates on Brian Maltas's Memorial Services.

Dream Team Uniform Photo.jpg

Famous Garments

The Olympic Dream Team, Muhammad Ali, and Jimmy Hendrix we've done them all!


Property Restoration

Our remaining family is attempting to preserve the history.  Click here to find out more.


Contact Us

Reach out to the family!

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